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Understanding change, shaping the future

Understanding the complex interdependencies within systems of innovation is critical for business, government, science, and society to succeed. For this reason, it is important to recognize change as soon as it emerges in any sector, market or technology. Only by comprehending such change, can we actively influence its long-term economical, technological, societal, governmental, and cultural impact. As an expert partner that uniquely combines socioeconomic and sociotechnical research, the Fraunhofer Group for Innovation Research provides stakeholders with orientation, facilitates them in positioning themselves, and assists in shaping the future in the innovation system.  

Fraunhofer groups: pooling expertise

Institutes working in closely related fields join forces to form the eight Fraunhofer Groups and compete in the research and development market as a combined entity. These groups are actively involved in corporate policy as well as implementing the tried-and-tested function and financing models of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.


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