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Press release / 7.3.2024

Electric trucks: What has to be considered for the nationwide expansion of fast-charging locations?

In the “HoLa” project, a total of eight high-performance charging points for trucks using the Megawatt Charging System (MCS) are being installed at five locations along the A2 between Berlin and the Ruhr region and used in real logistics operations. Recommendations for action have been derived from the research results available to date that contain important findings for a nationwide expansion of charging infrastructure. All the results were presented today at the European “HoLa conference” in Berlin and are documented in a report.

Press release / 1.2.2024

Opening of AI Studios Stuttgart: Hands-on workshop experiences

KI-Studios (AI Studios) aims to empower employees and their interest groups from all sectors to help shape company applications of artificial intelligence. The prerequisite for this is that employees have a concrete understanding of the possibilities, areas of application, and limitations of AI. They must be aware of the positive potential of AI for their workplace, but also its risks and challenges.



50 years of Fraunhofer INT

As one of the most diverse institutes in the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Fraunhofer INT combines a wide range of different research topics and competences. As part of its innovation research, the institute focusses on future technologies and emerging technological trends. Based on this, the institute advises companies, ministries and other public bodies on decision-making. The portfolio of research topics at Fraunhofer INT has continued to grow over the years.


Press release / 6.7.2023

New chair of Fraunhofer Group for Innovation Research

Prof. Dr. Jakob Edler, executive director of Fraunhofer ISI, elected new chairman.

Project / 23.2.2023

Start of EU project MultiRATE: Maturity assessment of technologies

The EU project MultiRATE deals with the development of an evaluation tool for assessing the maturity of technologies and processes. The task of Fraunhofer INT is to develop methods for determining maturity in the category "security."



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