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Press release / 6.7.2023

New chair of Fraunhofer Group for Innovation Research

Prof. Dr. Jakob Edler, executive director of Fraunhofer ISI, elected new chairman.


Press release / 10.7.2023

Using Electricity to Treat Depression

The "Center for Responsible Research and Innovation (CeRRi)" within the Fraunhofer IAO has worked with research partners to  develop recommended actions for implementing technological solutions to treat mental illnesses. 

Project / 23.2.2023

Start of EU project MultiRATE: Maturity assessment of technologies

The EU project MultiRATE deals with the development of an evaluation tool for assessing the maturity of technologies and processes. The task of Fraunhofer INT is to develop methods for determining maturity in the category "security."


New Policy Summary »How 'green' are electric vehicles regarding the charged electricity?« published



Plug-in electric vehicles are a promising option to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transport - especially if the electricity used for charging comes from renewable sources. In this context, a new Policy Summary provides an overview of existing studies and presents additional data on the electricity contracts of users and charge point operators.



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