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Press Release / 4.7.2024

Quantum communication: How will "quantum-secure" communication technologies develop in future?

Fraunhofer ISI and Saarland University have analyzed three generations of quantum communication in a new study. The study’s quantitative monitoring gives insights into patent development, projects future growth, and compares international research strategies. The study, which was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, also examined how Germany and Europe stand in an international context.

Press release / 24.6.2024

Fraunhofer Morgenstadt initiative goes to South Korea

As part of the Morgenstadt (City of the Future) initiative, Fraunhofer IAO is forming a strategic partnership with Maekyung Media Group from Seoul, South Korea. The aim of this collaboration is to work together to develop and implement climate innovation projects in Korean cities and regions, with a particular focus on plans for “Morgenstadt City Labs”.


50 years of Fraunhofer INT

As one of the most diverse institutes in the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Fraunhofer INT combines a wide range of different research topics and competences. As part of its innovation research, the institute focusses on future technologies and emerging technological trends. Based on this, the institute advises companies, ministries and other public bodies on decision-making. The portfolio of research topics at Fraunhofer INT has continued to grow over the years.


Press release / 6.7.2023

New chair of Fraunhofer Group for Innovation Research

Prof. Dr. Jakob Edler, executive director of Fraunhofer ISI, elected new chairman.

Project / 23.2.2023

Start of EU project MultiRATE: Maturity assessment of technologies

The EU project MultiRATE deals with the development of an evaluation tool for assessing the maturity of technologies and processes. The task of Fraunhofer INT is to develop methods for determining maturity in the category "security."



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