Steering Committee

The directors of the respective member institutes form the steering committee for the Fraunhofer Group for Innovation Research.


Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Bauer

Group Chairman

Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO

Phone +49 711 970-2090


Prof. Dr. Jakob Edler



Prof. Dr. Albert

Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS

Phone +49 9131 776-1000


Prof. Dr. Dr. Michael Lauster

Fraunhofer Institute for Technological Trend Analysis INT

Phone +49 2251 18-117


Thomas. H.

Fraunhofer Information Center for Planning and Building IRB

Phone +49 711 970-2516


Prof. Dr. Thorsten

Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW

Phone +49 341 231039-100


Prof. Dr. Ralf B. Wehrspohn

Fraunhofer Institute for
Microstructure of Materials and Systems IMWS

Phone +49 345 5589-100