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Understanding change, shaping the future

Transformation processes such as digitalization are reshaping the way we live, work and experience the world and permit these environments to intermingle. They open up opportunities to redefine how things are organized but always involve fundamental change on some level. It is precisely these rapid developments surrounding digital transformation that raise pressing issues which often call for prompt action to ensure the political framework keeps pace with technological development.

The Fraunhofer Group for Innovation Research pools expertise from the fields of socioeconomic and sociotechnical research, providing guidance to decision-makers in politics and industry. 

Trusted partner of industry

The Fraunhofer Group for Innovation Research analyzes changes in society, markets and technologies. In addition, the experts can tap into the unparalleled and extensive pool of knowledge and expertise offered by the Fraunhofer network.

The group supports companies with decisions concerning strategy and innovation by providing knowledge-based guidance on current and future developments. It also works with businesses to support their long-term organizational development. When it comes to questions of future strategy, the group offers companies methodological support. In complex innovation projects, the Fraunhofer Group for Innovation Research acts as a central hub for the different groups of stakeholders.

Decision-making guidance for policy-makers

With its unparalleled and comprehensive range of expertise, the group supports national and international public-sector customers in the preparation and implementation stages of the decision-making process – for research strategies and complex agenda processes, for example. In its capacity as a scientific partner, the group offers assistance with the early identification, understanding and evaluation of changes in society and technology, and proposes appropriate courses of action. It researches and supports innovation processes and the technological, economic and social conditions that influence them.